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Your safety is our first concern

We have the most state of the art carabiner safety system available anywhere in the world. We are proud to be one of the first adventure parks in the world to incorporate this technology!
We are proud to say:

  • We build our own parks!
  • So Trees Adventure is built to the highest possible standards!
  • The courses are independently certified by professional engineers and a leading arborist, both of whom conduct regular surveys!
  • Staff perform safety checks on ALL courses EVERY day.
  • Participants are fully secured at all times!

What to wear

Participants should wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and enclosed shoes such as sneakers. Shorts are okay. Skirts and dresses are not advised but it is possible to wear them if matched with leggings. Long hair must be tied back.


We are almost an all-kind of weather activity, with the rain just being an added challenge to your climb. Please make sure you bring wet weather gear if the day it set for possible rain, maybe a change a clothes for the trip home. It can get muddy here along the paths, so avoid wearing your favourite outfit. Trees Adventure will only close during thunderstorms and strong winds. Please refer to our refund policy in our terms of use page.


You will get an equipment fitted harness (complete with lanyards, carabiners, pulley, gloves and helmet) and undergo a training session on using the equipment. You are welcome to bring your own helmet cameras, as long as the mounting strap will fit our helmets. There are optional GoPro helmet cameras for additional hire. Check out our GoPro information pack for more details.

Restrictions on courses

You will not be able to start any course until the supervising staff permit it. Participants will not be permitted on the black run courses until they have completed the red run without assistance, even if you complete the red, staff may advise that you shouldn’t attempt the Long Black course due to its difficulty and how you went with the red course.

Please note that even if you have visited Trees Adventure, the process is the same. Each experience can be different, so please speak to a staff member on the day for options if you are wanting to climb the Black courses. Staff will be on the ground to supervise and help and they are trained and equipped to rescue you if necessary.

Age restrictions apply for each course. If a participant does not meet the age requirement for a particular course, they will be unable to attempt that course even if they meet the minimum height guidelines.

Waiver forms

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Terms & Conditions

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Hours of Operation

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