Here’s Your Invite To One Swinging Party!

On the 19th of April, Trees Adventure will turn 6 years old and to celebrate, we’re inviting all our party guests on this day to hang with us at 20% OFF! There’s cake too!


Our first park Glen Harrow Park was built in Victoria, in 2010, followed shortly by Grose River Park and Nowra Park in New South Wales who joined the family in 2013. After a few more years when our current trees had sprouted and matured, we opened Lane Poole Park in Western Australia in 2015 and Underwood Park in Tasmania in 2016, making us the No.1 Tree Ropes Park in Australia. Each park has been built in an unique environment and we’ve worked to create different designs in each park so you have the chance to try something new no matter where you go!


In 6 years of tree-mendous growth, we’ve harnessed up over 400,000 participants across Australia and shown them a new way to enjoy the canopies of Australia! We are looking forward to another successful year ahead. From first dates to the big bucks groups,  families and schools in between, we thank everyone for the support and will continue to strive creating the ultimate tree ropes experience in Australia.


Come along and climb with us this Tuesday! Grab the promocode below and make a booking now!


WAIT! It’s your birthday to?!
As our gift to you for letting us share your birthday, you’ll get to climb for FREE!*



*Must bring ID as proof. Limited spaces.