What do I get?

The entry price covers a 2 hour session including equipment hire, training and use of all the courses for which you qualify. Minimum age of 4 years old to participate. Your 2 hour session kicks off from the start of training, so we do ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your session. Staff will be keeping a watchful eye as you trek through the trees, but you will be climbing independently with our state of the art interlocking safety system.

Do I need to book?

Yes, bookings are essential. Space in the trees is limited and, often, we are booked out well in advance. To avoid disappointment, you must book before you come. To check for availability, please proceed to make a booking where it will take you to the calendar and show you what spots are left. For group sizes larger than 15, please head to the ‘Groups and Birthdays’ tab at the top of the page. Booking forms and information are available there.


Please see our prices page for details.


1 participating adult supervisor will be required to participate ($45) for up to 4 kids aged 8-12yrs*. We recommend to have adults who maintain a reasonable level of fitness and the higher courses can be physically demanding.

Kids 4-7yrs will only require adult supervisors from the ground. There is no adult access to the yellow course, including adults participating on the higher courses.

Can my child climb higher if they’re tall enough?

Courses are restricted by age and all participants must be of the correct age to attempt a course. The minimum heights act as guidelines to determine how a participant may go with reaching activities.


Trees Adventure is an all-weather activity. We still go ahead in the rain or very warm days, unless there are local thunderstorms, winds or temperatures forcing Fire Authorities to issue a Code Red Fire Warning. Unless you are contacted by us, your booking will still go ahead. If we decide to close the park, we will call in advance to organise full refunds/rescheduling. If you are in the park climbing but less than halfway into your session, we will organise full refunds/rescheduling as well.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. It is a good idea to wear long pants to protect your legs. Wear close-toed shoes and remove large hoop piercing. If they can’t be removed, cover potentially problematic piercings with bandaids. Hats and beanies may need to be removed so we can fit your helmet on safely. Also, on wet days, please bring warmer clothes and wet weather gear appropriate for climbing to ensure that you have a more comfortable experience. We do sell environmentally friendly ponchos at the office.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel with a full refund if you give more than 7 days notice. There are no refunds for cancellation within 48 hours. There are options for cancellations/rescheduling between 2-7 days prior to your climb; both will incur a fee. Please check our refund policy on our terms of use page.

Are there any height and weight restrictions?

Yes, afraid so. The maximum weight is 130kgs. For height and ages restrictions, you must check each park in the course info section.

What are the supervision ratios and rules?

Supervision ratios depend on the age of the child and the course. Please refer to the Park informations and check the courses info tab. Supervision on the course are adults who are required to participate on the course with the children who are within these ratios. They will then need to purchase the appropriate ticket.

Supervision from the ground, if the children are outside of these age groups, adults have to supervise from the ground free of charge.Please check the appropriate park in the course info section for details on the supervision ratios.

Is there a place to store our belongings?

Definitely. Your group will be allocated a storage area at our office for you to store your belongings. All lose items will need to be removed from your pockets for safety reasons. At any time when you’re back on the ground, you can access your belongings. The only items that you can keep in your pockets are the items required for medical reasons (e.g. ventolin, jelly beans, insulin pump, EpiPen etc).

Can we take photos?

Photos can be taken of the park at any time. Due to safety reasons, only cameras or smart phones that have wrist straps or lanyards attached to them are allowed to be taken up into the trees. This way we know your device is better secured to you as you make your way through our courses. We do not take professional pictures/videos.

How about my own adventure video camera?

Please do! Don’t forget to bring a helmet strap so we can fasten it to one of our helmets, enough battery life for 2 hours and storage. If you have a GoPro, there are some helmets available with pre-installed adhesive mounts, but don’t forget the matching clip and pin so we can attach it. GoPro’s are available for hire with a purchase of an micro SD card ($40). If you’ve got an 8GB (minimum) micro SD card, then it’s just the hire fee of the camera ($30). First come first serve basis.

Are there BBQ facilities? Or a cafe nearby?

There are no BBQ facilities available and personal BBQ’s cannot be brought into the park. We offer a limited range of hot and cold drinks and snacks at all our sites. Most of our sites have cafe or kiosk facilities. See the park page for details.

Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately not. Domestic animals cannot be brought onsite to either the zoo or Trees Adventure in accordance to the regulations of the Department of Primary Industries.

I know nothing about tree obstacle courses. Is there training provided?

When you arrive at Trees Adventure you will be given all your equipment and trained how to use the safety systems (approx 15 minutes). We have different levels of difficulty so you can start on the easiest course and progress to a level you find challenging.

If I’ve come before, do I need to training again or sign a waiver?

Yes to both! We require a waiver form for each visit to Trees Adventure. Please let a staff member know that you have come to before, and we will do our best to quicken up the training for you to get you started as soon as we can. If there are particular courses you would like to do that you missed out on last time, please let a staff member know so we can do our best to ensure you don’t miss out!

What happens, if I am late?

If you are late, we’ll try to squeeze you into the next session, but you will have to finish at your initial booking time. So you don’t lose time on your climb, please leave early and keep a map handy just in case you do get lost. Try your best to have your waiver filled beforehand to help us get you onto the courses faster. Let us know if you’ve come before too! Please check our late policy on the terms of use page.

Do all the courses have a flying fox?

The courses are a combination of obstacles and flying foxes. All our courses have at least one flying fox. The courses are not designed as a canopy walk through the trees.

How long does it take to complete a course?

The average time it takes to complete a course is 30 minutes. There are five courses ranging from yellow to black.  Please check the course info section for the appropriate park about our courses. You may find that it takes a little longer to complete the more challenging courses and when it’s busy. We encourage you to overtake while on the course.

Am I safe out on the course?

Trees Adventure uses state-of-art harnesses and carabiners. You will always be securely attached no matter what your age or level. Our courses were approved by a leading structural engineer and a leading arborist, both of whom complete annual checks. Our courses are checked daily by staff before we open.

What happens if I get stuck on a course?

If for any reasons you get stuck (eg tired or afraid of heights), our staff are trained to rescue you and bring you down safely.