This Christmas, we are excited to be hosting the First Treetop Aerial Show in Melbourne! Together with Belladonna Productions™, aerial circus performers will bring our treetops to the next level as they twist and swing on silks, wheels, straps and more! The talent of these Australian performers would tree-iple Tarzan’s!

LIMITED TICKETS! Call 9752-5354 to make a booking.

Tickets are reserved for participants climbing on the day. All proceeds of this event will go to support the artists.

Food will be available thanks to local caterer Rockabilly Kitchen, who will bring some snacks and a sausage sizzle for you to purchase and snack on during the show! You’re welcome to bring your own picnic basket of goodies too, a chair or a rug!


WHEN: 5 Shows Available. Friday 18th – Tuesday 22nd of December 2015. 4:15pm – 5:00pm. Entry for the show closes at 4:00pm.

PRICE OF ENTRY* Please call for pricing info.

What if I book an climb earlier in the day?
Definitely! Please give us a call so we match up your show tickets with your booking!


Can I decide on the day?
We now only have limited spots per show, and once the tickets are sold, that’s it for the day!


*Cancellation: Treetop Aerial Show ticket is non-refundable after purchase. Only a 50% refund will be available outside 14 days of the scheduled show. All Treetop Aerial Tickets will be refunded by Trees Adventure in the unexpected cancellation due to rain at the discretion of Belladonna Productions™. Trees Adventure terms and conditions still apply for the cancellation of a 2 hour climbing session. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.