Price entry gives you 2 hours on the courses. You can do as many courses as you can during that time slot. If you do not feel going on a higher level, you are allowed to do the same course again during the 2 hours. Prices vary between parks. Prices valid till 30th June 2016.

Kids (4-9 years)$25Check course info for supervision and access restriction
Nowra Park
Grose River Park
Glen Harrow Park
Lane Poole Park – (4-7yrs only)
(10-17 years)
$35Check course info for supervision and access restriction
Nowra Park
Grose River Park
Glen Harrow Park
Lane Poole Park – (8-17yrs)
 Concession$40Check course info for supervision and access restriction
Nowra Park
Grose River Park
Glen Harrow Park
Lane Poole Park
Adults$45Check course info for supervision and access restriction
Nowra Park
Grose River Park
Glen Harrow Park
Lane Poole Park
3 Hour Session!
For the Treetop addict! Available at Grose River Park, Nowra Park and Lane Poole Park. Phone Bookings Only.


1 participating adult supervisor will be required to for up to 4 kids aged 8-12yrs*. We recommend to have adults who maintain a reasonable level of fitness as the higher courses can be physically demanding.

*Glen Harrow Park: 1 participating adult per up to 2 kids aged 5-7yrs (easy course, lower level of fitness required). For older kids, 1 participating adult is required for up to 4 kids aged 10-12yrs (harder courses, higher level of fitness required).


If you want to share the Treetop adventure experience, you can buy a voucher online as a present. You can decide on the value of the voucher. They are valid for one year after date of purchase. For special occasion we will make a special design that you will be able to download, print and fill out with all information received by the general voucher emailed to you. Click here to buy a voucher.

Refund Policy

Trees Adventure is a most-weather event and runs even if it is raining. Cancellations made within 2-7 days of the party will forfeit half of the total amount paid. Rescheduling within 2-7 days of the party will be charged 20% of the entire amount, when the new date is decided. Cancellations/rescheduling within 48 hours will forfeit the entire amount paid.

Late Policy

Trees Adventure restricts the number of people on the courses at a given time for a range of reasons. For these reasons we need to maintain strict start and finish times to maximise enjoyment on the course.

Participants need to arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the booked start time, preferably with waivers pre-filled. If participants arrive late, they will lose their priority place in the queue and risk significantly reducing their session time. For example a group which has booked for the 9:00am session and arrives at 9:15am, could be shifted into the 9:30am session but will still have to finish their session at the initial booked time at 11:00am.


  • Leave extra time to find Trees Adventure as we are out of the way
  • Print out the map off the website
  • Car pool – For Glen Harrow Park, make use of the toilets in the carpark before walking down to the obstacle course site, as there are no toilet facilities at this end of the property
  • Avoid wearing your best clothes as it gets muddy during the wetter days
  • Take the Trees Adventure phone number with you!

Enjoy 2 hours on our courses. After you have done your first course, if you do not feel going on the upper level, you can do the same course again. Click here to BOOK NOW. Signed waivers before arrival is preferable. You can also rent one of our GoPro cameras (first come first serve) or bring your own! Please see our FAQs or each park’s information page for further information.

Special needs

Due to the strict limitations of numbers in the trees, Trees Adventure is unable to accept Companion Cards. All customers who use a harness and climb are required to purchase a ticket. Supervisors only climbing the kid’s courses are charged the kid’s rate. If supervisors climb on the intermediate and advanced courses, they are charged full entry. Please see each park’s information page for more information.

Birthdays, Groups and School Groups

Groups of 10 or more people are eligible for a 10% discount (Concessions and School Groups are not included). Groups of up to 15 people can be booked online. For larger groups, a booking form must be filled and emailed to the appropriate park. Education groups having different pricing. Please see our Groups page if you’re looking to book one of these kinds of groups.


There are decks available for public use, however if you would like to reserve this for your group alone, they are available for additional hire at $60. If you choose not to hire, please be aware that you may have to share with other patrons. If you choose to reserve a deck, it will be reserved for 3-hours. Extra half an hour either side of your session (e.g. a 2-hour booking from 1:30pm – 3:30pm would have the deck reserved for 3-hours from 1:00pom – 4:00pm). Decks are subject to availability.

Cancellation due to Trees Adventure

In the case Trees Adventure needs to cancel your session for any reason, you will be informed immediately. You will be entitled to a full refund/reschedule. In the instance you have already started your session and Trees Adventure is forced to close the Park, you will be entitled to a new booking for free if you are less than halfway through the session. Refunds will be made through same payment method used for the original payment (e.g. refund for credit card payments will be reimbursed via credit card).