Grose River Park


Grose River Park:

All of the tree top platforms are built on more than 70 Sydney Blue Gums (eucalyptus saligna), which borders both sides of the river. Take the adventure from one tree to the other while listening to the sound of the Bell Birds or watching the Sea Eagle family soar overhead! Don’t worry if the kookaburras laugh at you whilst you have fun in the tree tops!
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The Trees Adventure Grose River Park is located at the confluence of the Nepean and Grose River in Yarramundi. Yarramundi was the chief and doctor of the Richmond tribe (also known as the Buruberongal tribe) of the Darug people. He and his father met Governor Phillip and established their family as the first aborigines to achieve significant milestones such as land grants, sanctioned mixed marriage and high levels of academic achievements.

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10 courses, 110 challenges, The biggest park in Australia, 21 Flying foxes

  • Yellow
    • 8 challenges
    • 1 flying fox (up to 2m high)
    • For 4-7 yrs
    • Adult supervision from the ground required. Free Entry. (no adult access to course).


  • Yellow
    • 7 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 2m High)
    • For 4-7yrs
    • Adult Supervision required from the ground. Free Entry.


  • Green
    • 11 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 6 m High)
    • From 8yrs and up
    • 1 participating adult for up to 4 kids (8-12 yo)
  • Green
    • 10 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 6 m High)
    • From 8yrs and up.
    • 1 participating adult for up to 4 kids (8-12 yo)
  • Blue
    • 11 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 8m High)
    • From 8yrs and up.
    • 1 participating adult for up to 4 kids (8-12yo)
  • Blue
    • 12 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 8 m High)
    • From 8yrs and up.
    • 1 participating adult for up top 4 kids (8-12 yo)
  • Red
    • 13 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 12m High)
    • From 10yo and up
    • 1 participating adult for up top 4 kids (8-12 yo)
  • Red
    • 11 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 12m High)
    • From 10yo and up
    • 1 participating adult for up top 4 kids (8-12 yo)
  • Black
    • 13 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 15m high)
    • From 13yo and up
    • RED must be completed first
  • Xtreme Black
    • 13 challenges
    • 2 flying fox (up to 25m high)
    • From 16yo and up.
    • BLACK must be completed first

Bookings Are Essential

All year round Final Session: 3pm
Monday – Sunday9am – 5pmArrival is 30min prior
 So you can enjoy your time in the trees, we only have an allocated number of climbers up at one time. We highly recommend making a booking to avoid disappointment.
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Park ManagerSophie
Assistant ManagerTim

Trees Adventure Grose River Part team Jasper, Tim, Sophie, Rohan and Anita

$25Supervision required from the ground (free entry). No adult access to Yellow Courses
$351 participating adult ($45) per up to 4 kids (8-12yrs).
Concession$40ID required
3 Hour Special$60 Adults Only. Phone Bookings Only.

Spectators are free of charge. Price entry gives you 2 hours on the courses including training. You can do as many tree top courses as you can during that time slot. If you do not feel like climbing on a higher level, you are welcome to climb the same or lower courses again. Prices valid till 30th June 2017.

Ground Supervisors and paying adults do not have access to the Yellow Courses.

For more information, please check the price page.

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F.A.Q on Grose River Park

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Can we come free just to watch?

Yes all spectators are welcome to watch free of charge. You will be able to watch participants from the ground walking on the path below. We have small seating areas around the park.

Is there food there?

We have a kiosk with a small selection of hot food, hot and cold drinks, snacks and ice creams on site. You can also bring your own picnic to enjoy in park.

Do you have BBQ on site or can we bring our own?

Due to the risk of fire, we do not permit any BBQ to be used on site.


Grose River Park,
200 Springwood Road
Yarramundi, NSW 2753
(02) 4776 1226